"She's Done It For 22 Years": Married Couples Are Sharing The Thing One Partner Does That Makes The Other One Feel Incredibly Lucky

Relationships can be tough — and between things like red flags or toxic partners, it's easy to see why. But to switch things up and to discuss something a little more heart-warming, I wanted share this very sweet Reddit thread of people sharing things their partner does that makes them feel lucky. The responses are so sweet — here are some of them.

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1."My wife is really good to have on your side in a crisis. Every time things get tough, she puts emotions aside and starts working on planning what we'll have to do. It's us versus the problem right away. I always tell people to marry someone smarter than you, but unfortunately, only one of you can do that."


2."My wife always looks at the bright side. She sees the good in everything and (almost) everybody. She helps me because I tend to see the bad/negative first. We make a good yin and yang."


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3."Every night when we go to bed, she scratches my back and spoons me to sleep. It's been this way for 22 years, and to me it is such a bonding thing that comforts me."


4."I laugh with him literally every day. Worst days, boring days, normal days. Doesn’t matter. We talk, and he brings me joy."

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5."It took me so long to trust her love for me. I was a real asshole to her at times. Her patience and support as I grew into the husband and father of her children she’d wanted compared to my maternal example growing up. I tell her every day she’s the BEST."


6."I backed our car into a parked truck a few months ago — with my wife in the car. The dent is HUGE and will cost us $600 even with our deductible to fix it. I felt like such an ass and very guilty that I caused the damage, and we can’t even fix it right now. My wife just laughed. She said no one was hurt and we’ll fix it when we fix it. It made me feel so good she didn’t hold it over my head or lecture me or anything. She just said accidents happen. I love that woman."


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7."My wife cares for me all the time. She gives me massages when my neck and shoulder are sore from work. She is loyal and dedicated. She is a wonderful mother and teacher to our kids. She is beautiful. Her laugh makes me happier than anything in the world so I make her laugh every day. She makes delicious food. She is loyal, committed, and trustworthy. I feel so lucky to have her, but I also know we have worked hard to have the great relationship we have. I try my best to be as good to her as she is to me. I feel sad that other people may not experience love like this in their lives because love makes life worth living."


8."He makes the bed every morning, even if I'm still in it. He kisses me before he leaves even if it's to go outside to do yard work, and he kisses me when he comes back. He calls on his way home from work and on his lunch break. When he's asleep, he will reach his hand out and touch my hair and say I love you. He does his own laundry but will help me fold mine. He looks at me over the dinner table and smiles — it's so many little things. Twenty years and even when we disagree, he's never hurt my feelings. He stays on the topic and argues his point."


9."Open, honest, and caring communication. I love that we both can share feelings both positive and negative. I like that she's curious. Her curiosity drives her to do interesting things. I like learning together with her and trying new things."


10."My wife legit makes me laugh, and I am very hard to make laugh. I can make people laugh all day every day, but for a woman to make me laugh is HUGE for me. My wife doesn’t even try, she is just herself."


11."She bakes things for the family at the drop of a hat. Never needs a reason. Funfetti cupcakes, loaves of bread, pumpkin and pecan pies, and brownies from scratch."


12."My husband sends me flowers every two weeks still. It always makes me feel special."

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13."I have diabetes. I'm terrified of needles — it's a real phobia that I've been dealing with my whole life. My wife puts on and takes off my freestyle libre every time without asking (she's gotten so good at it), and helps calm me when I have to go for my blood tests every few months. It's just one of the million things she does, but it really shows me her love every time."


14."Not cheat. Seriously, she’s beautiful, kind, and could have anyone she wanted. I know we can disagree about something, we’ll always work it out."


"I think not cheating is a legitimate thing to love. I never worry about it, I was never given a reason to question her loyalty. Total turn on."


15."Her never giving up on me and always having my back no matter how tough things are."

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16."She can 'read' my mood especially if I need some space, and she gives it to me without being asked."


17."I had a miscarriage two years ago. He held me, drove 20 minutes and back to get my food cravings as I grieved. He rode the hormone crash and never gave me any of those BS lines about this happening being 'for the best, or 'let's have another,' etc. He didn't fully understand what I was going through, but he didn't need to. Last year, I wasn't okay around Mother's Day, and I said I wanted him to pick out the cards for our mothers because I didn't want to even go down the aisle. He didn't understand at first, because it was a year and a half after by that point, but he did it anyway and brought me flowers, too. Apparently, a lot of women don't get even half that decency, and it makes me sad."

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