How A Sheet Pan Will Make Your Burgers The Perfect Wendy's Copycat

square cheeseburger with fries
square cheeseburger with fries - Lauripatterson/Getty

If you've ever tried to make a Wendy's-style burger at home, you've probably wondered how to recreate those iconic square patties. The good news is there's an easy solution, and it only requires a sheet pan and a convection oven or air fryer. The ingredients are incredibly simple too: just ground beef, seasonings, burger buns, and American cheese. However, if you want to use the technique as the starting point to execute a full Baconator copycat recipe, be our guest.

A TikTok creator demonstrated the easy method in a video, starting things out by laying a giant square slab of ground beef on a sheet pan lined with aluminum foil. Next, they season the meat before sliding the sheet pan into the convection oven and setting it to air broil. After watching the burger cook to a delicious brown color, they topped it with four slices of American cheese, cutting the patty into four even squares. Lastly, they divided up the burgers on buns to recreate the full Wendy's experience.

"I think this is how Wendy's makes their burgers..." the text in the video read, though commenters disagreed. "As someone who currently works at Wendy's I can say 100% that we don't do this," one person wrote. And yes, it's true, while Wendy's patties come from fresh beef (living up to its claim of never using frozen patties) they actually come precut.

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This Incredibly Simple Technique Gives You Square Burgers

convection oven inside
convection oven inside - The Image Party/Shutterstock

While there's still some stuff you should know before putting burgers in the air fryer, using a convection oven with an air fryer setting might save you from overcooking the meat too much. Even so, this method is probably more likely to give you well-done patties than juicy, medium-rare burgers.

Sheet pan burgers aren't entirely new to the busy weeknight dinner recipe scene, but branding them as a Wendy's copycat recipe is certainly one way to attract attention to the technique. Also, using the air fryer setting instead of the oven makes things quicker and cuts down the preheating time. Commenters on TikTok were impressed with this quick and easy way to make square burgers at home, even if it isn't exactly how they're made at Wendy's. "Such an easy dinner," one person commented. "I washed 1 cutting board and 1 knife," the creator responded, referencing the easy clean-up. They also informed viewers that their children loved the Wendy's-shaped burgers.

While the giant burger on a sheet pan technique might not be the way Wendy's does it, it does appear to create a convincing final result. Plus, if you don't believe the hype, it's incredibly easy to try it yourself at home.

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