16 People Are Spilling On How Their Exes Took Pettiness To A Whole New Level After The Breakup, And I'm Honestly Shocked People Are Just Out There Thinking Of Stuff Like This

There's something about being petty that really takes a masterful mind; there's levels to it honestly. I feel like it can range from something like, block-you-on-social-media petty to I'm-going-to-slash-your-tires and beyond.

A woman saying, "call me Petty Labelle"

So, when I saw Reddit user u/Mindofmierda90 ask the question, "What's the pettiest thing someone did to you after a breakup?" in r/ask, I knew the answers could really take me on a wild ride:

1."She took off with my best friend the day after our breakup for a sexcation. They made sure my entire social circle knew about it before I did to maximize the humiliation. True story. I dropped both of them from my life."

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2."She took the power cord to my internet router while I was moving out. I was pretty frustrated when I tried to set up my internet at the new place."


3."I had a girlfriend leave the decapitated head of a stuffed bear I bought her on the front porch of my then-apartment."

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4."They stole the little spinning glass plate from the microwave. Pure evil."


5."He told me that he didn't want to date someone who only makes $40,000 a year (I make about $100,000, so, thanks?), he wanted someone with a real career (I'm union and have been in my industry for 20+ years). He also said I have 'too much kitchen stuff with too little kitchen.' Okay, the last was true."

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6."A friend of mine had his CPU wires cut in his PC case and a rotten egg broken on his new keyboard...he found it a couple days later."


7."My ex took my computer that contained the novel I had just finished on it to the dump. Ten years of my life, just...gone."

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8."He got his new girlfriend to troll me. He kept tagging me in stuff on Facebook, and there were links to YouTube videos that she made of them together, and they had our DMs up on the computer screen in these videos."


9."She stole my fridge and PS4, then trashed the house with the help of her new husband."

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10."He convinced a few of our teachers that I was cheating on tests and somehow helping him cheat, but he wanted to be honest about it now. He probably should’ve taken a look at what my grades in the classes were before trying this since he was a straight A+ student for three years and I had mostly C’s with the occasional B and rare A."


11."My mother-in-law asked me to return all the gifts she had given me when I split from her son. He even split up the dinner set and cutlery."

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12."Stole my car. I found it parked around the corner from my apartment three months later and a week before my birthday. On my birthday, my ex keyed the whole car up. Good times."


13."She sent her next boyfriend after me, accusing me of posting stalker-y, possessive, crazy shit on her Facebook, which she conveniently didn't keep any proof of. Fortunately, dude was a rational fella, but that sure pissed me off."

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14."He dumped me a few hours before I went into heart surgery."


15."She called my friend's boss to tell them they were using drugs. The friend had nothing to do with our breakup and was married with kids. Such a petty, childish (and dangerous) thing to do. She turned into the most revolting, spiteful person I've ever known."

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And finally, this person shared what their ex did after a breakup, and it's clear most of these people behave more on the extreme side of petty:

16."Threw away every single photo of me, including my stupid yearbook. Photos of me as a baby and toddler, my childhood with friends and off at sleep-away camp, and my teen years in my bad clothing. All of the pictures of me from my high school football days, even pictures of me in the service, are gone. There are two or three pictures from my young life before the age of 35. Sucks...they were fun to look at."

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Do you have any petty stories to tell about something your now-ex did? Let me know in the comments!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.