Sharon Stone Declares How Many People Want To Bed Her Right Now

Sharon Stone said she still has it, and she wasn’t talking about star power.

“I have just as many people who want to sleep with me now as I ever did,” the “Basic Instinct” star said Tuesday on the “Ladygang” podcast. “It’s just that there isn’t that thing when you walk in the room that every guy goes, ‘Ooooh.’ ... Because you’re not as easy as you were when you were young. Because you’re much more discerning as you get older.”

Not lacking for confidence, Stone, 65, declared, “I think I’m hotter now more than I have ever been. I know that I am.”

Stone, who has launched a career as an artist, painted a deeper picture of her idea of romance.

She said she when sees people she’s attracted to, she ponders whether she’d like to hold hands with them, instead of whether she would “just want to have sex with them.”

“I’d like to have sex with seven people I saw on the way over here today,” she said to laughter.

Women are
Women are

Women are "much more discerning" about sexual partners as they get older, Sharon Stone said in a recent interview.

The Golden Globe-winning “Casino” actor hinted that less attention didn’t necessarily mean less allure.

“It’s not because you’re not as hot,” she said. “It’s because you’re not as easy ...  you’re not as easy to get rid of and you’re not as easy to keep quiet.”

She continued, “You’re not as easy to dump afterward,” she continued. “You’re not as easy to be a sidepiece. ... It’s not that you’re not as hot — you’re hot or hotter.”

When HuffPost checked in on Stone’s dating life in 2019, she was temporarily booted off Bumble because guys didn’t believe it was her.

Sounds like her situation has improved.