Sharon Osbourne stuns daughter Kelly with answer to ‘rudest celebrity’ she’s ever met

Sharon Osbourne stuns daughter Kelly with answer to ‘rudest celebrity’ she’s ever met

Sharon Osbourne surprised daughter Kelly after revealing the “rudest celebrity” she’s ever met.

During an interview on Thursday (7 September), TV personality Sharon was asked to identify the famous person she believes to have been the “rudest” she’s ever met.

Asked the question by E! News, Sharon replied: ‘The guy that’s married to an actress and he used to do That ‘70s Show.”

Visibly surprised by her answer, Kelly replied: “Oh, Ashton Kutcher? Really?” Sharon then said of Kutcher, who is married to Bad Moms star Mila Kunis: “Yes. Oh, rude, rude, rude, rude little boy”.

When the hosts said they “were not prepared” for Osbourne to give such a frank answer, Kelly replied: “I was not prepared for that either!”

Sharon then called Kutcher a “dastardly little thing”. She did not elaborate on her alleged experience of meeting the actor, whose credits include Dude, Where’s My Car?, The Butterfly Effect and recent Netflix film Your Place or Mine.

The Independent has contacted Kutcher for comment.

Sharon had kinder words for Aquaman star Jason Momoa, who she named as her celebrity crush. The former X Factor judge also praised Justin Bieber, adding that she once “apologised to” the singer after calling him “really bad” when he was younger.

Sharon said she “felt really terrible” and “such guilt” over her criticism of Bieber, stating: “Who am I to say that he’s bad? He’s a kid. Leave him alone.”

Sharon Osbourne called Ashton Kutcher ‘rude little boy’ (Getty Images)
Sharon Osbourne called Ashton Kutcher ‘rude little boy’ (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Kelly said that she became “friendly” with Christina Aguilera after they were “pitted against each other in the media for so many years” – so much so “that we both thought that we didn’t like each other”.

“We actually sat down together at a Christian Dior fashion show, and ended up really liking each other. It was like a lovely experience,” she said.

In March 2021, Sharon was fired from US series The Talk after defending Piers Morgan’s controversial remarks about Meghan Markle’s televised interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Osbourne raised her voice at co-host Sheryl Underwood, saying: “I will ask you again Sheryl... and don’t try and cry because if anyone should be crying, it should be me… You tell me where you have heard him say racist things.”

After the broadcast, Osbourne shared a lengthy Twitter post, saying that she’d been “reflecting” on the incident and wanted to apologise to any Black viewers she had offended. Following an internal investigation by CBS, Osbourne was fired from the series.

Sharon and Kelly are promoting The Osbournes Podcast, which returns after five years on 12 September.