Sharon Edwards' disappearance one year on




  • March 14 - Sharon Edwards enjoys night out with friends at Good Intent Hotel in South Grafton.

10-11pm - She leaves hotel. Last seen by husband John Edwards about 10.30pm at her home on Riverdale Court, Grafton. Police confirm she changed clothes and left car parked in the garage. Her wallet, phone and keys are missing.

  • March 15 - Mrs Edwards' last known whereabouts traced to Lawrence area in early hours of morning using mobile phone data.

  • March 16 - She fails to show up for work at Coutts Crossing Public School.

  • March 17 - John Edwards reports her missing.

  • April 1 - Police say they are treating disappearance as murder investigation.

  • April 20 - Cadaver dog used to search three properties belonging to Edwards family. Police seize items from Riverdale Court home. Mr Edwards faces court on unrelated firearms charges.

  • April 23 - Search continues at one property. Water courses between Grafton and Lawrence searched.

  • July 2 - Mrs Edwards misses son Eli's wedding.

  • August 4 - Zac Edwards uses National Missing Persons Week to urge people not to forget his mum.

  • September 11 - John Edwards sentenced to 12 months' jail for firearms offences.

  • September 16 - Police stress firearms charges unrelated to wife's disappearance.

  • December 10 - Mr Edwards released on parole.


  • March 1 - Family and friends mark Mrs Edwards' first birthday since she went missing.

  • March 14 - First anniversary of disappearance.

  • March 18 - Police officially name Mr Edwards as suspect and reveal forensic investigators are using mobile phone data to pinpoint her last known location.