Whale carcass removed from WA beach

Sophie Moore

A whale carcass has been removed from the water near WA beaches where one man was mauled and another suffered a bite to his leg in two separate attacks.

A white pointer and two tiger sharks followed the carcass as it was being towed from Lefthanders surf break to Gracetown beach, where it was loaded onto a truck.

Beaches in the area will remain closed until at least Friday afternoon.

Argentinian-born Alejandro Travaglini, 37, was airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital after he was attacked at Cobblestone Beach on Monday but managed to bodysurf back to shore where friends applied tourniquets.

Several hours later, Jason Longgrass, 41, was lucky to escape with a minor leg injury when his surfboard was bitten at nearby Lefthanders break, which was closed at the time.

The whale carcass was unable to be moved from the beach until Tuesday due to poor weather conditions.

Fisheries officers have been patrolling the coast, with a larger vessel en route to the area to help protect surfers at the Margaret River Pro when it resumes on Wednesday.