Great white shark filmed stalking surfers at NSW beach

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A drone has captured a great white shark stalking surfers on a beach on the NSW Mid North Coast.

Video uploaded to YouTube by The Rogue Droner shows the shark approaching dangerously close to surfers at Tuncurry Beach, just north of Forster, on June 9.

The predator makes it way south swimming slowly in shallow water close to the beach.

It heads towards a group of five surfers, moving to within about 10 metres of one young surfer who seems not to notice the shark. Other surfers also seem oblivious as the shark steers around them.

The shark moves south towards a couple of swimmers close to the rock wall who leave the water by the time the shark gets close.

NSW Department of Primary Industries’ shark detector picked up four great white sharks with the largest 2.3 metres long in Tuncurry on the same day the shark was filmed.

A great white shark is seen appearing to stalk surfers at Tuncurry Beach on the NSW Mid North Coast.
A great white shark approaches surfers at Tuncurry Beach. Source: YouTube/ The Rogue Droner

The drone operator who filmed the footage told Yahoo News Australia “thankfully” the shark “was just cruising past”.

“It got very close and even did a double back on two of them,” The Rogue Droner said.

“It went past and then circled around for another look.”

A great white shark is seen at Tuncurry Beach not far from the shore. People are seen on surfboards nearby.
A great white shark is seen at Tuncurry Beach not far from the shore. People are seen on surfboards nearby.

On YouTube, there was a mix of horror and awe among the 560,000 viewers who watched it.

“That's why I will not go in the water past my ankles,” one man wrote.

Another added his “heart was pounding” watching the shark follow one of the surfers.

One woman compared watching the video as “like watching Jaws”.

However, another woman called the footage “amazing”.

“It's so beautifully horrific,” she wrote.

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