Shark battles sea turtle in wild scenes off WA coast

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The incredible moment a sea turtle narrowly avoided becoming a tiger shark's lunch has been captured on camera by a photographer, who said it's among the wildest things he's seen.

In the video captured by Dylan DeHaas, a photographer based in Western Australia, the shark is seen trying to get the turtle between its jaws.

The two sea creatures thrash around near the surface, with the turtle managing to slip away every time the shark goes to bite down.

A shark tried to eat a turtle off the West Australian coast. Source: Stopryful
A shark tried to eat a turtle off the West Australian coast. Source: Stopryful

The turtle appears to use its shell to prevent the shark from harming it and continuously flips itself around to make sure the shark is only met with the hard exterior.

The video was captured on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, about 1,200 kilometres from Perth.

Mr DeHaas told Yahoo News Australia he was surprised by the scene and said he initially thought it was dolphins playing in the water.

"I have seen this before but never been able to capture it," he said.

"I spend a lot of time filming and photographing nature but this is up in my top five things I've seen."

"The tiger shark eventually gave up as the turtle put up an awesome fight," he said. "The turtle managed to get onto the beach out of the tiger shark's reach."

Source: Yahoo / Getty
Source: Yahoo / Getty

Paddleboarder knocked into water by hungry shark

In April this year, a paddleboarder had a run-in with a shark after he observed a shark stalking a turtle.

Australian YouTuber Brodie Moss, known as Youngbloods, uploaded a short video to YouTube of a turtle on one side of his paddle board and a tiger shark on the other.

The shark then takes a bite out of his board and Brodie falls into the water. Nine News reported this incident happened in Western Australia also and Brodie was not harmed.

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