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Sex and the City star moved after meeting Ukrainian refugee child in Moldova

Kristin Davis with Ukrainian Masha
Kristin Davis with Ukrainian Masha

Sex and the City star and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Kristin Davis shared a touching video with a young Ukrainian girl from Mykolaiv.

Davis met with Ukrainian refugees during her trip to Moldova, and she shared her experience on Instagram. The heartfelt clip featured 9-year-old Masha and her mother, who had relocated from Mykolaiv to Chisinau after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Davis asked the girl if she liked being in Moldova, to which the young Ukrainian emotionally replied:

“Yes, but I want to be in my country, in Ukraine. There’s my school, my friends, my home, and a playground in our yard. I wish for the war to end and for everything to be good,” said Masha.

Her encounter with Ukrainian refugees left her profoundly impacted. Davis said that her interactions with Ukrainian children influenced her approach to parenting her own children — 12-year-old daughter Jamie Rose and 5-year-old son Wilson.

“I feel very personally involved,” Davis said in an interview to HELLO magazine on Oct. 9.

“But I also feel kind of guilty when I come home to my beautiful house and my beautiful children. We’re so lucky that we’re not going through this. You have to really be thankful.”

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Davis said that she now explains to her children about the work she does with the refugee agency.

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“I can talk to the 12-year-old a little bit more. My five-year-old knows, and I just went to his school’s open house last night. He had drawn a picture of our house and talked about how his favourite time is when we’re at home, which is so cute.”

“I think one thing for sure is to reiterate that no one chooses to be a refugee,” said Davis.

“People politicize refugees and that’s unfortunate because no one chooses to be a refugee. No one chooses to flee their home. It’s something that they absolutely have to do for the safety of themselves and their children.”

“No one deserves kindness more than a refugee because they’ve had to leave everything. They only have the clothes they were wearing; they might only have themselves and not even their parents.”

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Davis added that the Ukrainian refugees she met in Moldova expressed their strong desire to return to Ukraine.

“I’m looking at the news in a whole different way (now),” adds Davis. “And I’m worried about the US’ support — will our support continue, and the international support?”

“You read about something in the news, and you have some idea of what’s happening, but to actually meet the people and hear their incredibly vivid and horrible, horrible stories about what happened to them that forced them to leave.”

While saddened by the stories she heard, the actress was heartened by the Moldovans’ welcome.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a host community where they are accepting the refugees with such incredible warmth. It was so inspiring and moving to see,” the actress shared.

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