Sex And The City fans relieved as Kim Cattrall makes 'perfect' cameo in And Just Like That

Samantha Jones was seen talking to Carrie on the phone

Kim Cattrall in Sex And The City. (PA Images/Alamy)

Sex And The City fans have breathed a sigh of relief after Kim Cattrall made her much-anticipated return, saying that it was “perfect”.

The actor played Samantha Jones in the series and fans were devastated when it emerged that she wouldn’t be back for follow up show And Just Like That amid reports of a feud, with her absence put down to Samantha and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) having fallen out.

Sam is supposed to be in London and has been present in text messages, but she’s now made her long-awaited comeback in a scene that saw her talking to Carrie on the phone.

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The moving moment saw Samantha telling her old friend she’d been planning to visit her in New York for a farewell dinner at Carrie’s apartment and was “f****** furious” that she wouldn’t be able to make it.

The scene featured an improvised moment as the scene ends with Samantha blowing a kiss to her phone and this was entirely Cattrall's idea and was "not in the script".

Showrunner Michael Patrick King confirmed this on the show's Writers Room podcast, and said: "It was totally [an example of] of an actor playing a moment. And it's really nice."

Fans had been counting down until the special appearance, and now that it has aired they’ve said show bosses got it just right.

Kim Cattrall making her cameo.(Sky screengrab)
Kim Cattrall making her cameo.(Sky screengrab)

“My girl Samantha still FABULOUS XXXXXXX this has to be highlight of both seasons,” one person posted on Twitter.

Another said: “I gotta tell you, it was perfect. Perfect. Everything. Down to the last minute detail.”

Someone else said the scene – which Cattrall apparently shot without seeing her former co-stars Parker, Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) – was “sublime”.

“The best 1 minute of our lives!” tweeted someone else, exclaiming: “QUEEN RETURNS AS SAMANTHA JONES!”

Sarah Jessica Parker in And Just Like That S2. (HBO/Sky)
Sarah Jessica Parker in And Just Like That. (HBO/Sky)

“Samantha Jones cameo was perfect and fabulous as Carrie would say,” tweeted another viewer.

One posted: “Thank you to @KimCattrall for saying goodbye to us. The fans. I’m so happy to hear and see it.

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"Now maybe you can finally move on and people can stop asking you if you’re going to come back. You did us true and real fans proud. We love you and we love Samantha.”

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