Severe weather warnings for NSW, ACT

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Much of NSW and the ACT will experience gusty and potentially damaging wind conditions, building from Friday through to Saturday.

Severe weather warnings stretch from the Victorian to Queensland borders in the east, with an additional area in the far west.

The Bureau of Meteorology warns these winds have the potential to bring down trees and powerlines.

Emergency services are urging people to clean-up loose items around their properties, and reconsider marine activities such as boating or rock fishing.

The cold front behind the windy conditions will also bring additional snow falls to the alpine areas, with blizzard conditions possible.

Snow levels are expected to drop significantly on Saturday, with light falls possible in parts of the Monaro Country, Southern Tablelands, ACT and Central Tablelands. Although it's unlikely any snow that does fall will be deep or long lasting

Snow and ice may lead to dangerous conditions on the roads, and drivers are being urged to take care.

Showers are forecast for many areas with longer rain periods likely around the tablelands and western slopes, where thunderstorms and small hail are also possible.

Rain totals are not expected to be high in most areas but with many catchments near saturation river flooding is a risk, and a number of Flood Warnings are in place.

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