Several people injured after suspected 'deliberate' act on bike trail

Children have had to push their bikes for several kilometres after the bike trail was littered with sharp objects.

Cyclists enjoying a recently opened bike trail in northern NSW have been injured and left stranded after "hundreds" of sharp objects were scattered along the ground. The small objects, which included "tacks, nails and screws", were believed to be deliberately littered across the Northern River Rail Trail over the last few weeks.

Many bike tyres have been punctured, forcing cyclists to walk while pushing their bikes several kilometres in search of amenities, stopping their outdoor fun in its tracks. Others have found the small objects stuck in the sole of or between the treading of their shoes.

Large bundles of tacks, nails and screws can be seen after being removed the bike trail.
Hundreds of tacks, nails and screws have been collected from the bike trail as police believe the sharp objects were left on purpose to cause harm. Supplied: Facebook/Tweed-Bryon Police District

The area of the bike trail which was targeted — spanning 24km in length between Murwillumbah and Mullumbimby — was recently opened at the beginning of the month and aims to give locals and tourists alike the chance to enjoy the scenic Northern Rivers countryside.

Police investigating findings at NSW bike trail

Local authorities were notified about the incidents almost as soon as the trail was opened, with police believing the culprits had not considered the serious nature of the offence when carrying out the act.

On the left, a gloved hand holds a shark tact while on the right, a screw can be seen lodged into a bicycle tyre.
Police have received multiple reports of cyclists' tyres being punctured as a result of the sharp objects been left on the trail. Source: Facebook/Tweed-Byron Police District

"We've had several reports of people injured, or children who have needed to push their bikes a number of kilometres, due to flat tyres caused by tacks scattered over the track," Detective Chief Inspector Matthew Kehoe said. "This dangerous and disgraceful behaviour has impacted many members of our community," he continued.

He continued by urging any members of the public who have been injured or have any information about the offenders to come forward.

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