Drink driver found nine times legal limit, told punishment could be cut if he gets a job

A serial drink driver has avoided jail after returning a blood alcohol reading more than nine times the legal limit.

Victoria Police say they were stunned when Raymond Galea blew a staggering .461 into the breathaliser.

However, his punishment could be slashed if he's able to find a job.

The alcohol Mr Galea had in his system was enough to kill some people, police alleged.

Mr Galea recorded a staggering .461. Photo: 7 News

"I'm very sorry for what I did," Mr Galea said.

A nearby resident found Mr Galea in his car which ended up on a nature strip in Sunshine. He had been drinking Vodka, a half empty bottle was found in his car.

Garry Collins had to take the keys out Mr Galea's ignition. Photo: 7 News

"We were more concerned that he might have had a heart attack because he was just motionless," Gary Collins said.

Mr Collins said he had to take the keys from the ignition.

Mr Gallea mounted a kerb at Sunshine. Photo: 7 News

The 46-year-old pleaded guilty to drink driving and was ordered to perform 200 hours of community work. He lost his licence for four years.

The magistrate told the court that if Mr Galea finds a job, half of his unpaid community work could be spent on treatment and rehab instead.

At legal limit of .05, drinkers experience a degree of relaxation and impairment; on .2 drivers are dazed and confused; on .3 you're at risk of passing out; on .3 to .5 you're likely to pass into a coma; and at .4 there's a high risk of death due to respiratory arrest.

Mr Galea's recording was .461.

Mr Galea was extremely intoxicated. Photo: 7 News

The Deer Park man is a repeat drink driver. His test was one of the highest recorded in Victoria.