Sentence due over Vic teen's 1995 murder

Karl Michael Hague will learn his fate after being found guilty of murdering a teenage boy in 1995

A man is set to finally be brought to justice over the 1995 stabbing murder of a teenage boy at a Geelong shopping centre.

Karl Michael Hague, 44, was in April found guilty of killing Ricky Balcombe at Geelong's Market Square shopping centre in May 1995, a crime he got away with for decades.

A Supreme Court jury accepted that Ricky was stabbed as payback for damaging Hague's Kingswood car during a gang fight two weeks earlier.

Hague, who was 21 at the time, had denied the killing or even being present at the shopping centre when Ricky was killed.

After the guilty verdict, defence barrister Felicity Gerry QC argued Hague tried to harm Ricky that day but there was no evidence he intended to kill.

She said the killing was "spontaneous" rather than planned.

But prosecutors say it was premeditated and Ricky had been unarmed and defenceless at the time.

Ricky's mother Christine Loader said her life stopped the day her "beautiful son" was murdered.

She found it incredibly hard having to wait 23 years for the killer to be brought to justice.

"I thought Ricky's murderer would be found quickly and punished due to the number of people who saw the crime," she previously said in her victim impact statement.

"I can't tell you the weight I've been carrying around for the last 23 years."

Justice Lex Lasry is due to sentence Hague on Friday.