Sentence delay for 'complex' abuse case

A Supreme Court judge has sought more time to sentence a Queensland man who encouraged a woman in the United States to sexually abuse her infant son.

Gavin Leigh Melide, 30, of Morayfield, appeared in Brisbane Supreme Court in Monday for sentencing on eight counts related to his interactions with a woman in Florida that involved sharing child sexual abuse material and encouraging her to perform sex acts on her son while filming him.

Melide had earlier pleaded guilty on all counts to the mix of state and federal charges, including that he took a picture of a naked three-year-old-boy in Queensland to send the picture to the woman.

Crown prosecutor Michael Bonasia said police discovered "graphic and enthusiastic" messages between Melide and the woman when they raided his home north of Brisbane in April 2021 and seized two smartphones.

Melide was arrested after the Australian Federal Police were alerted to activity by users on the messaging app Kik.

He was taken to the watchhouse and voluntarily took part in an interview with police.

"He made some admissions but also attempted to minimise his conduct. Or somehow justify it," Mr Bonasia said.

"He's in communication with a woman in the US, he knows what she is capable of, talking about abusing her child ... and encouraging the abuse through his persistent, graphic and depraved conduct."

Mr Bonasia said Melide also possessed 30 images and films of child sexual abuse material including some categorised as the "most serious" by INTERPOL.

The most serious of Melide's charges was causing another person to engage in sexual activity with a child outside Australia, which carries a minimum sentence of six years and a maximum of up to 25 years.

Melide's barrister said his client faced a "complex sentencing" as he did not have any relevant past convictions and did not personally engage in sexual contact with a child.

"He developed a relationship over the internet over a period of some months ... She initiated sexual activity with her son," the barrister said.

"He was spending far too much time on social media sites. The most serious charge (of encouraging sexual activity) wasn't followed through."

Justice Soraya Ryan said she would need to consider more examples of prior sentences for the encouraging sexual activity charge, so she could determine an appropriate sentence for Melide.

"I need to keep in the forefront of my mind that there is now this mandatory minimum for that offending but in imposing terms I need to ensure that those terms of imprisonment are appropriate," Justice Ryan said.

The sentencing was adjourned until Thursday.