Senior ministers mull the future dole rate

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The people in charge of Australia's purse strings are preparing to set the future rate of fortnightly dole payments.

The federal government's budget committee is expected to meet on Friday to decide the permanent JobSeeker rate once coronavirus supplements expire in March.

Once the $150 per fortnight pandemic payments dry up, the dole will return to just $40 a day unless the government intervenes.

The temporary boost has allowed welfare recipients to live with dignity, with enough money to pay for household bills and essential supplies.

But Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has tried to manage expectations when asked how hopeful people should be.

"We want all Australians to live with dignity but also we want all Australians who are on the JobSeeker payment to eventually move into the workforce as quickly as possible," he told ABC radio on Friday.

Mr Frydenberg pointed to the latest jobless figures, which showed a drop in unemployment and said his primary focus was on reducing welfare dependency.