Senior Fink behind bars after NSW raid

Perry Duffin

One of the country's most senior Finks bikies - who has the club's name tattooed on the side of his skull - is behind bars on kidnapping, weapons and drugs charges.

Adam Timothy Smith was arrested by police, including some from Strikeforce Raptor, in a raid at a Thrumster property near Port Macquarie on Wednesday.

The 39-year-old was charged with a string of offences including kidnapping in company, causing reckless grievous bodily harm, intimidating a witness and dealing drugs.

His wife, Skye Julie Smith, 35, was also arrested.

Smith's Facebook page reveals a dedicated father with strong opinions on law enforcement.

"No police harassment for a while now (it's) been good (but) surely they miss me by now," he wrote in April.

Smith also urged non-bikies to reconsider their bias against Finks members and to "think of their children" when it came to social problems like drug addiction.

"I am a proud member of FINKS MC, if we had (a) green light we could get rid of all the ice and the dealers in one day," he wrote.

The heavily tattooed bikie is believed to head-up the volatile East Coast branch of the Finks and he has the club's name inked on his head.

He was denied bail on Thursday on the basis he posed an "unacceptable risk" of failing to appear at his next hearing, committing a serious offence, endangering the community or interfering with witnesses or evidence, court documents show.

Smith is next expected before Port Macquarie Local Court on August 9.

His wife was granted conditional bail to reappear at the same court on the same day.