The Semi-Secret Sauce You Probably Didn't Know Exists At Waffle House

bowl of chipotle mayo
bowl of chipotle mayo - Waffle House/Facebook

There are few things we love more than a good secret sauce. Asking for an item that isn't on the menu makes us feel powerful, like we know something the rest of the world doesn't. When the sauce tastes good, too? Well, that's just the proverbial icing on the cake — or perhaps, more fittingly — the secret sauce on the hashbrowns. While some secret sauces, like that used on McDonald's Big Mac, are the worst-kept secrets in town, others, like Waffle House's secret sauce, have maintained a distinct air of mystery.

Waffle House's secret sauce is so well hidden, in fact, that you have to ask for it by name. Even then, you might be out of luck, since rumor has it that Waffle House has discontinued the production of its secret sauce. If you're lucky, however, your server might disappear behind the counter and return with a fistful of foil packets. The discreet, black packaging bears the famous Waffle House logo and a friendly written suggestion: "Try it on everything!"

Upon tearing into it, you will quickly learn that the sauce does, indeed, taste good on just about everything. Comparable to a chipotle mayo, the smoky, tangy, and slightly spicy condiment works well with everything from hashbrowns and breakfast sandwiches to chicken and waffles.

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How To Get Your Hands On Waffle House Sauce

waffle house hashbrowns
waffle house hashbrowns - Rosamar/Shutterstock

While some diners are still able to get their hands on the discontinued Waffle House sauce (and are posting TikToks to prove it), many others have suffered the devastating blow of having their request for secret sauce denied. And because Waffle House has been so dang good at keeping their secret sauce a secret, even finding a worthy copycat recipe online may prove to be an insurmountable challenge.

In an attempt to share some intel on a roundabout way to get your hands on the discontinued secret sauce, one Reddit user explained that Waffle House's sauce was formerly made by Heinz. After Heinz stopped pumping out sauce for Waffle House, the food processing company continued to make and sell a sauce called Wild Style Creamy Chipotle Kicker Sauce which, according to the Reddit user, was "a near match of the WH sauce." However, it appears that the copycat sauce has since been discontinued, as well.

Fortunately, a second Reddit user pointed out that Taco Bell's Creamy Chipotle Sauce, also made by Heinz, is "virtually the same thing" as the Wild Style Creamy Chipotle Kicker sauce. So, before you go crying into your hashbrowns, pop some of Taco Bell's Creamy Chipotle sauce in your bag and head to your local Waffle House. The hashbrowns are waiting ...

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