Selma Blair celebrates recovery milestone after horseback riding: ‘Really proud’

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Selma Blair is celebrating a milestone in her recovery from a multiple sclerosis flare-up after successfully riding a horse for the first time since her diagnosis.

The 49-year-old actress began opening up about having the disease of the central nervous system in 2018 in numerous social media posts and interviews about the ways in which the functioning of her brain and body were impacted. On Friday, she shared a positive update to her social media.

"I did it. I stayed still and riding. A huge deal," Blair captioned a video of herself horseback. "Really proud I am recovering and learning and focusing. At least on my beloved horse Mr. Nibbles, with Kelly training my body and confidence."

According to a post from August 2020, horseback riding was one of the activities that Blair missed most through her journey with MS. And while she was making strides in her recovery even back then, she admitted to struggling to get back on the saddle.

"We managed to get it together to have a few minutes and I could not stop smiling. I can’t feel my left leg, or where my hips are. I break down and freeze when exhausted," she captioned a series of photos of herself holding onto her horse dearly while trying to ride. "We took it slow. I didn’t criticize my equitation too much."

Still, Blair expressed her frustration with the progress she had made and shared that it was a point of realization for her in dealing with the disease.

"I am a mess with MS. I was told I would be jumping in a year when I was first diagnosed. I believed and have had shame I haven’t pulled through for the rest of us," her caption continued. "I will always have MS, I now see. Always. But I am going to learn how to use this body, brain and emotions."

Nearly one year later, Blair is showing how that ambition has come to fruition.

"THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT!!!" someone commented on Blair's recent video. "I am so happy and proud of the hard work you’re doing."

"This is amazing! You look so wonderful and graceful," wrote another.

Others called Blair an "inspiration," as one person reflected on how difficult the journey of recovery truly is.

"As someone who is also recovering from a neurological condition, this is HUGE," the comment reads. "Congrats."

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