Who is Selling The OC's Alexandra Jarvis' husband Sergio?

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Who is Alexandra Jarvis' husband Sergio? Getty Images

Selling The OC is back on Netflix for a completely chaotic second series full of drama between the agents, a new arrival to The Oppenheim Group and the occasional property viewing.

The new series sees Alexandra Jarvis face a lot of heat during the eight episodes, from a falling out with former office bestie Alexandra Rose, to Alex Hall claiming Alexandra has been lying about her name (she's actually just using her middle name), to a lot of questions about her then fiancé, and now husband, Sergio Ducoulombier.

So who is Alexandra's husband Sergio? We've only really seen him in one scene of Selling The OC at the end of season one when Polly said some rather negative things about Jarvis in front of Sergio at the casino night.

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So yeah that's not a lot to go on, but here is everything you need to know about him.

Who is Alexandra Jarvis' husband Sergio?

Alexandra Jarvis' husband is 46-year-old Sergio Ducoulombier, the CEO of Slip Cash, Inc.

According to his LinkedIn, the company aims to enable cashless payments anywhere from a mobile device and Sergio has been working as the company's CEO since 2019.

Sergio graduated from the University of Washington in 1999 with a Bacherlor's Degree in Business Administration and Management.

How long has Alexandra been with Sergio?

Alexandra and Sergio began dating in 2018, before becoming engaged in December 2020 and getting married in April earlier this year, meaning they've been together for just over five years.

Following Polly's comments that Jarvis has been married "about 17 times" in the most recent series, Alexandra clarified she has been married twice before Sergio.

She added that she "definitely had to kiss a few frogs to get to this point [marrying Sergio]" and knew Sergio was her "soulmate". Cute.

When did Alexandra and Sergio get married?

Though we may have only just seen Alexandra's gorgeous Michael Costelloe wedding dress in Selling The OC season two, Alexandra and Sergio officially tied the knot in April earlier this year with a stunning elopement ceremony in Italy.

Speaking to People after their wedding, Alexandra explained their reasoning for wanting a small wedding, saying: "We wanted to have a very intimate and romantic wedding day without all the traditional expectations around us. So we decided let's the two of us go to Italy. We've been before and it's actually where I told him I loved him. He had already told me he loved me, but I held back for a little while."

Sergio added their wedding location of Lake Como was a "special place for us. We wanted to get married on Lake Como because it's just magical — the greenery, the natural beauty. It's honestly just the perfect, romantic backdrop for what we had envisioned."

And it seems the couple are loving married life together, with Alexandra frequently sharing posts with Sergio on her Instagram.

Selling The OC season two is available on Netflix now

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