Unexplained new details emerge about Seinfeld actor’s grisly death

Investigators remain stumped over details surrounding the grisly death of Seinfeld actor Charles Levin.

Levin, 70, was found dead on July 13 with a report obtained by USA Today stating he was found dead at the bottom of a ravine at Grants Pass in the US state of Oregon.

His naked body had been partially eaten by vultures, according to the report from Oregon's Grants Pass Department of Public Safety.

The actor’s orange Fiat was found damaged on a remote and almost impassable road with his pet pug dead inside.

Charles Levin, 70, was found dead in July. Source: Grants Pass Department of Public Safety

But police are puzzled as to how Levin’s Fiat made it so far down the desolate mountain road.

The trail is so treacherous, a police all terrain vehicle was damaged returning from the scene where Levin’s body was found.

Emergency workers also found a number of fallen trees in the area which would have made driving the car down the trail even more difficult.

Levin’s car was found more than six kilometres from the nearest paved road and rescuers had to walk for half a kilometre to reach the spot.

Levin seen with Jerry Seinfeld in an episode of Seinfeld in 1993. Source: Columbia TriStar Television

Police noted the tyres on Levin’s car were also badly worn suggesting he became stuck and tried to free it. A mirror was damaged too.

Foul play and suicide have been ruled out as causes of death.

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