See you later, alligator – man shocked to find giant reptile in pool

Mel Buttigieg

A Florida couple couldn’t believe their eyes when they came home to find an alligator taking a dip in their pool.

A trapper, who rushed over after receiving a call from Laura Lear, can be seen on video wrestling with the feisty 136 kilogram beast to try to get him out of the pool.

The three-metre alligator took a dip in a Florida pool. Picture: Laura Lear

"Oh, it's a big one." he says, while trying to pull the alligator out.

But the giant reptile wasn’t in hurry to vacate his new Lakeland home.

Craig Lear said he went to let his cats out on the patio last Tuesday when he thought he saw a golf ball in the water.

But he got the fright of his life when realised there was a three-metre male alligator in there.

His wife Laura said she was shocked to find the beast in her pool, who must have busted through their patio screen before making a splash.