Security guard stabbed in Bourke St terror reveals how he fended off attacker

A security guard who was stabbed during Friday’s Bourke Street terror attack has told of how he ran to rescue people he thought were trapped in a burning car before he was attacked.

Shadi, 26, of Hampton Park, said he thought “innocent people” were in danger inside a burning vehicle.

“There was a loud explosion and everyone screaming and running,” Shadi said.

“Then [I] got attacked by the guy that was running around with a knife stabbing people.”

Shadi, 26, who was stabbed by in Islamic State terrorist in Bourke Street, Melbourne, on Friday has spoken about the attack and how he ran to help people. Source: Victoria Police

The man armed with the knife was later identified as 30-year-old Hassan Khalif Shire Ali.

He was known to authorities, and had set a car on fire with gas cylinders. He also was motivated by Islamic State.

Shadi described everything as a “blur” and Shire Ali was attacking people “for no reason”.

The security guard added he’s since seen video of the incident.

“Don’t know what was wrong with him and my main concern was to make sure he doesn’t attack anymore innocent people, civilians (and) to save their lives,” he said.

Shadi’s neck wound from the knife. Source: Victoria Police

“Out of nowhere, I didn’t even have time to react, he straight away stabbed me, tried to kill me. He hit me in the neck.”

Shadi said he tried to fend the attacker off but there “was too much blood”.

“I couldn’t see out of the left side of my eye,” Shadi said.

“I just had to get out of there.”

The 26-year-old said Shire Ali jabbed at him a second time but he managed to fend him off.

As he turned to run, Shire Ali hit him in the head and the shoulder with the knife.

Luckily, he got away as police closed in on the scene and prepared to take the 30-year-old down.

“If I stayed there any longer it would have been a different story,” Shadi said.

A screenshot taken from a supplied video showing an incident on Bourke Street in Melbourne on Friday, November 9. Source: AAP Image

Shadi managed to get a jacket and placed it around his neck to slow the bleeding.

He added a police officer, who he never learned the name of, stayed with him at Bourke Street and held on to his neck.

That officer stayed with him all the way to Royal Melbourne Hospital where Shadi received treatment.

The actions of police on Friday have inspired Shadi.

He said a dream he had since he was a child has instilled a sense of duty to his community.

The Hampton Park resident now wants to become a police officer.

“What happened on Friday just makes me want to protect and serve the public,” he said.

“No one deserves to get hurt in our city.”