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Security guard spared jail over repeatedly punching man

When birthday celebrations got "a bit messy", a sports club patron was asked to leave by security.

The 30-year-old ultimately did - in an ambulance with jaw fractures and a brain bleed.

Security guard Uini Joseph Salesui repeatedly punched the man at Caboolture Sports Club, north of Brisbane, until the patron fell backwards, hit his head and lost consciousness.

CCTV footage of the June 2021 assault's final moments was shown in Brisbane District Court.

Salesui is seen pursuing the man, who backs away as he is hit in the face multiple times with other Morayfield club patrons trying to intervene.

Footage captures the moment the man falls backwards and is knocked unconscious.

"As tends to happen later in the evening at a licensed premises ... it got a bit messy," Judge Michael Byrne said.

Birthday drinks had continued past midnight when security asked a friend of the man to leave after he had removed his shirt and started dancing, the court heard.

The man started yelling at security and was also asked to leave.

While Salesui forcibly removed his friend, the man was told by another security guard that he could finish his beer before leaving.

However, Salesui returned from ejecting the friend and told the man he had to "leave now".

The man insisted he had permission to finish his drink and objected when Salesui grabbed his arm.

The man was hit and threw a few punches at Salesui in return before backing away receiving blows and falling, losing consciousness.

"That is almost a word-perfect recipe for a charge of manslaughter. You are so fortunate the injuries were not far more serious," Judge Byrne told Salesui while sentencing him on Tuesday.

The man was taken away by paramedics, with two jaw fractures requiring surgery.

In his victim impact statement, the man said he faced a long recovery and was still suffering physically, emotionally and mentally.

Defence barrister Robert Carroll said Salesui was under pressure dealing with "longer and drunker nights" at the club post-COVID.

He said the man had been yelling at Salesui and invading his personal space.

Judge Byrne said the man's behaviour was less than exemplary, but it was no excuse for Salesui's complete overreaction.

"I am sure you are aware one punch can kill. You threw and landed far more than one," he said.

Judge Byrne noted Salesui was concerned he faced deportation to New Zealand if he was ordered to serve actual jail time.

Salesui pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail, but the sentence was wholly suspended for three-and-a-half years.

He was ordered to pay $2000 compensation.