Secret recordings reveal Borce Ristevski’s phone conversations before arrest

Secret phone recordings have provided a grim new insight into the web of lies fabricated by Borce Ristevski as he tried to escape justice for killing his wife.

The phone taps are detailed in court documents obtained by 7 News and reveal Ristevski’s desperation as police closed in on the truth.

Court documents reveal the 55-year-old asked his daughter’s boyfriend to get him a new mobile phone SIM card.

Police have revealed the tapped phone conversations made by Borce Ristevski, pictured with wife Karen and daughter Sarah. Source: 7 News

He knew his phones were being tapped, so the killer warned friends and family that police officers were listening.

Police phone intercepts recorded the wife killer slamming Victoria Police. He warned his daughter about the investigation, telling her on January 19, 2017: “They don’t give a f**k.”

By January 30, 2017, he was getting desperate, telling a friend: “Make sure you don’t say anything… Don’t tell them anything that I spoke to you about, nothing at all.”

A poster is plastered outside the home of Karen and Borce Ristevski following her disappearance. Source: 7 News

But when a reporter rang him on February 20 to say Karen’s body has been found, he distanced himself saying: “Well It’s got nothing to do with me.”

But police knew it most definitely did. Their evidence found he killed Karen between 8am and 10.40am on June 29, 2016.

He put her in the boot of her black Mercedes and dumped her between two logs at Mount Macedon.

When police arrived he began his web of lies saying she walked out the front door, but later told them she left through the garage.

Borce Ristevski outside court where he pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Source: 7 News

When they went through his phone records they found he hadn’t called a single friend or family member to ask where Karen was.

Ristevski pleaded guilty to manslaughter last week after it couldn’t be proven that he had intended to kill his wife.

The judge accepted that he feared a lengthy jail term and that killing Karen would cause irreparable damage to his relationship with his daughter

Ristevski will face a plea hearing next week.