'Secret lesbian schoolgirls' kiss on tracks before being killed by train in alleged double-suicide

Krystal Johnson

Two 17-year-old girls filmed themselves walking onto tracks in Russia just minutes before they kissed and were killed by a train in an alleged double-suicide.

The two teenagers have been identified only as Nadia and Masha and kept their relationship a secret from friends and family, local media reports.

Nadia and Masha filmed themselves walking onto Russian train tracks in what police believe was an alleged double-suicide. Photo: Instagram

Nadia uploaded the upsetting video of the pair walking on the Bryukhovetskaya tracks to Instagram, showcasing the tragic moments before their deaths.

"Finally I met my soulmate and finally I am happy," Nadia wrote in the caption.

In the chilling video, the red-haired Nadia is pictured holding a cigarette as blonde Masha holds a water bottle.

The two of them seem strangely calm and relaxed while a song in the background saying: “Hello world, good morning, I believe you can hear me, I have something to say.”

The traumatised train driver told police he saw the two girls kissing on the tracks and they ignored his constant warning blasts and train whistles.

A friend told local media Masha (blonde) was known as

Police told local media the driver "tried to stop but there just wasn't time" and said the girls just didn't seem to care.

One of Masha's friends, known only as Margarita, allegedly told media she was a “friendly” girl who was the “centre of attention for many people.”

"She even had boyfriends,” Margarita reportedly said.

“We hung out together a lot, sitting in the park, having fun.”

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