Second shark device may get WA subsidy

A second shark deterrent device will likely be added to the West Australian government's subsidy program but the NSW government is allegedly delaying the process by failing to release a report into its effectiveness.

WA Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly on Tuesday called on NSW to publicly release the Flinders University report, saying the draft showed the Surf+ device reduced the risk of a shark interaction by at least 60 per cent.

Mr Kelly, who has seen the draft and spoken to his interstate counterpart about it, says he does not want the final report to remain on a NSW minister's desk.

He said if it was released immediately, he could have the $200 subsidy available for 1000 Surf+ devices by the weekend.

It comes after the WA government accused the opposition of "playing politics" over the NSW offer to give the state some SMART drumlines for free.

Mr Kelly said the NSW government acted on the request of two WA Liberals and made the offer through a newspaper front page.

"They never contacted us directly. The first contact I had with the NSW government was the call I made," Mr Kelly told reporters.

The WA minister has repeatedly said he wants to wait until the NSW SMART drumlines trial is complete before making a decision.

He rebutted claims his press conference was a "political stunt" or that he was being "crass" while lives were at risk from sharks.

Opposition spokeswoman Libby Mettam said Mr Kelly's comments were a "slap in the face" for ocean users and tourism operators, and described it as a "diversionary tactic".

"I have already been in contact with many in the surfing community ... they are gobsmacked, they feel totally disheartened by this announcement today," she said.

"Stop playing politics, take this issue seriously, look at the evidence of what is working, take on the offer from NSW, trial the SMART drumlines which not only protect those that can afford personal deterrent devices but protect the whole body of ocean users at particular surf breaks as well."