Some seats could be decided by a ‘handful of votes’ – Swinney

Seats across Scotland are on a “knife-edge” and some results could be decided by just a “handful” of votes, SNP leader John Swinney has said.

Speaking ahead of the opening of polls on Thursday, Mr Swinney described the outcome in England as a “foregone conclusion”, but said each vote in Scotland could make “all the difference”.

He urged Scots to back his party, saying it offered a “vision of hope”, and that it would end austerity, support the NHS and eradicate child poverty.

The Scottish First Minister said: “The result of the General Election in England is a foregone conclusion.

“The Tories are beaten – and rightly so. Labour will win and Keir Starmer will be prime minister.

“The only story left in this election is in Scotland, where seats across the country are on a knife-edge.

“There are seats which could be decided by only a handful of votes – that is why it is so important for people to use their vote and make Scotland’s voice heard. It could make all the difference.”

The SNP, he said, offers “a vision of hope where we can end austerity, support our NHS, eradicate child poverty and have a future made in Scotland, for Scotland, with independence.

“That is on offer at the election today – but we have to vote for it.

“Once every five years, the power shifts from Westminster to the people of Scotland.

“Today, all of the power is in Scotland’s hands – and we can use that power to ensure we put Scotland’s interests first by voting SNP.”