Will there be a season 3 of Surviving Summer?

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Will there be a season 3 of Surviving Summer?Netflix

Fancy escaping to sunny Australia through your TV screen? You’re in luck, as the second season of Surviving Summer just dropped on Netflix.

The series follows Summer Torres, an American teenager who is sent to live with family friends in Australia after being expelled from school. There, she learns to surf, falls in love and more.

With fans eagerly waiting for more episodes of the hit series, here is everything we know about season two of Netflix’s Surviving Summer.

What is Surviving Summer about?

The Australian teen drama follows Summer Torres, played by Sky Katz, a teenager from New York who is sent by her mother to live down under after being kicked out of school.

The official Netflix synopsis reads, “Expelled from school and exiled to Australia, a rebel New York teen makes waves among a young surfer's inner circle — and leaves a mess in her wake.”

surviving summer season 3

Will there be a season 2 of Surviving Summer?

In short, we don’t know yet.

With the second season dropping on Netflix on 15th September, we might have to wait a little longer until we find out about the future of the show. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Who might the cast of Surviving Summer season 2 be?

We would expect pretty much all of the main cast to return for a second season, including:

  • Sky Katz

  • Kai Lewins

  • Lilliana Bowrey

  • Joao Gabriel Marinho

  • Savannah La Rain

surviving summer season 2
Courtesy of Netflix

Surviving Summer is streaming on Netflix now.

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