Search on for two mystery Aussie millionaires after lotto wins

The hunt is on for two secret millionaires in Sydney and Melbourne who are yet to claim their $1 million wins from December’s lotto draw.

The winners are yet to claim $1,018,499.24 each from a division one prize pool drawn on December 22, 2018.

Neither entry is registered, meaning there’s no way for the lottery to contact them.

There were a total of four division one winning entries.

Two lottery winners are yet to claim more than $1 million from December’s draw. Source: The Lott (file pic)

One entry was purchased at Connection Newsagency, Hunter Connection on Pitt Street, Sydney CBD while Melbourne’s winner bought theirs from Coburg Hub Lotto on Sydney Road.

Tatts Lotto spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer said the lucky winners may have received their millions as Christmas gifts. 

“It was purchased just before Christmas, so if you received a ticket inside a Christmas card that you haven’t checked yet – you could be sitting on a million dollars,” Ms Spencer said. 

Melbourne’s winner now has three months to claim their winnings before they’re surrendered to the state’s revenue office. They can then apply to obtain them from there.

The Sydney millionaire has more than five and a half years to claims theirs before they get forfeited.

The winning numbers were 5, 14, 41, 29, 43 and 9. The supplementary numbers were 37 and 15.

In other lottery news, a man in October raised a few eyebrows when he decided go back to work at McDonald’s despite winning more than $2.4 million.

He’s been nicknamed McMillion.

Earlier this week a couple made a Queensland man had a bizarre reaction after winning $250,000 from a scratchie. 

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