Search resumes for man overboard in Qld

Tracey Ferrier

An air and sea search has resumed for a crew member who vanished from a charter boat off the central Queensland coast.

The 35-year-old Sunshine Coast man was reported missing early on Sunday morning about 200km north east from Yeppoon, north of Gladstone.

He'd been aboard the 24-metre charter fishing vessel MV Night Crossing when he was last seen at 2am on Sunday, with a fellow crew member raising the alarm two hours later.

Aircraft and boats spent Sunday searching for the man, but 20-knot winds and rain hampered their efforts in an area where there's no land.

"There are some parts of the reef that come out of the water at low tide, but nothing significant," Sergeant Mark Dean has told ABC radio.

Authorities recommenced the search early on Monday.

The charter boat operates out of Gladstone and had more than a dozen other passengers on board when the man disappeared.