Search on for men who allegedly stole decanter shaped like Thor's hammer

Five men are on the run after stealing a large, heavy Thor-themed whisky decanter from a Melbourne viking themed restaurant and cocktail bar bar.

Police have released CCTV video of a group of men they would like to speak to, after the custom-made decanter, in the shape of Thor’s mystical hammer, from the popular superhero franchise, was stolen from a bar called Mjolner, on Saturday night.

“The hammer which ‘emits mystical blasts of energy’ is crucial to Thor’s super hero powers, so police are keen to locate it,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

Victoria Police have released images of the five men they wish to speak with in relation to the theft of a 60cm Thor-themed whisky decanter. Source: Victoria Police

The Hardware Lane bar, which is a Thor-themed bar, is hoping to have one of its “most prized possessions” returned.

“This particular piece was commissioned by The Balvenie Whisky and doubles as a Whisky Decanter,” Mjolner Melbourne wrote in its Facebook page.

“It is not only very valuable but means the world to us.

“It was forged by Sam Bloomfield, one of the weapons makers from Lord of the Rings especially for us and is only one of two ever made!!”

Officers would like to speak to the group of men pictured in the CCTV. Source: Victoria Police

The steel whisky decanter weighs 8 kilograms and is 60 centimetres in length, with a leather-bound shaft and engravings on the head.

The men, each aged between 35-50-years-old, about 175-183cm tall, and described as Caucasian, told staff “we came back for the hammer” before disappearing, police said.

The steel whisky decanter weighs 8kgs and is 60cm in length, with a leather-bound shaft and engravings on the head. Source: Mjolner Melbourne / Facebook

Police said it was unfortunate Thor himself was unable to help bring this crime to justice, as he is currently in Byron Bay and unavailable to assist them.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or use the online reporting page.