Search for man after video emerges of brutal attack on dog

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT – The RSPCA are calling for help in identifying a man who was caught on CCTV striking a helpless dog multiple times in Queensland.

Horrifying footage shows the man lure the dog towards him, before pinning the canine on the ground and punching it more than a dozen times in North Mackay on February 13.

The man eventually gets up as the dog runs off, while the man walks away with a woman.

She fails to intervene during the attack on Green Street.

The man appears to lure the dog towards him before the attack. Source: RSPCA QLD

RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Michael Beattie said they are unsure whether the dog belonged to the man, or if it was a dog wandering in the neighbourhood.

Mr Beattie told Yahoo News the incident is particularly disturbing due to its length.

“It’s just obviously really disturbing. Unfortunately it is a premeditated and prolonged attack on the dog,” he said.

The man repeatedly strikes the dog, appearing to connect with its stomach and head. Source: RSPCA QLD
The RSPCA are asking for help to identify the man and woman who feature in the video. Source: RSPCA QLD

“He has quite deliberately attacked it. He’s punching the dog for close to a minute.”

Mr Beattie said “without being melodramatic”,  such incidents from offenders have strong links to acts of violence against humans.

RSPCA Queensland has released the footage in the hope someone recognises the man involved.

If found guilty of animal cruelty under the Animal Care and Protection Act, offenders can face up to three years in jail and a potential fine of $220,000.

RSPCA Queensland is asking anyone who knows the man or woman, or the dog seen in the video to contact 1300 264 625.