Search for croc off Brisbane scaled back

The hunt for a three-metre saltwater crocodile off Brisbane has been scaled back, with wildlife officers unable to find evidence of the marine reptile.

The search was sparked after a mysterious creature was spotted by a local Quandamooka man leading a kayak tour on North Stradbroke Island, also known as Minjerribah.

Rangers and wildlife officers scoured the area using boats, helicopters and drones to no avail, unable to confirm the presence of a crocodile.

However, numerous dugongs have been sighted.

Saltwater crocodiles are not endemic to Queensland's heavily-populated south, with their most southerly verified range ending at Hervey Bay.

"Although the sighting report was unusual, as Minjerribah is not considered to be typical crocodile habitat, the department investigates all crocodile sightings, regardless of the location in Queensland," a Department of Environmental and Science spokesperson said in a statement on Monday.

The last confirmed crocodile in the wild southeast was a 3.83m animal, shot dead by locals at Logan Village on the Logan River in 1905.

There have also been earlier sightings further south at Nerang, Angourie and Lismore in NSW.

Still, only the latter was verified, and she was an escapee from a travelling show named Hector, rather than a natural migrant.