Sean Hannity buys $5 million townhouse next to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate

Nathan Place
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<p>Mr Hannity and Mr Trump have been friends for years, and now own houses within a six-minute drive of each other</p> (Getty Images)

Mr Hannity and Mr Trump have been friends for years, and now own houses within a six-minute drive of each other

(Getty Images)

Sean Hannity has paid over $5 million to have a house next to Donald Trump’s.

The Fox News host now owns a $5.3 million townhouse in Palm Beach, Florida, only 2.7 miles from the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate. According to Google Maps, it’s just a six-minute drive away.

The sale was recorded on Tuesday by the Palm Beach County Clerk’s office, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

It is not clear whether Mr Hannity plans to actually live in the house. The pundit owns $90 million in real estate across the United States, according to a 2018 report by The Guardian.

“I’ve said many times on my radio show: I hate the stock market, I prefer real estate,” Mr Hannity said in 2018.

The new townhouse has three bedrooms, 5,086 square feet, a pool, a two-car garage, and a patio facing the ocean.

For Mr Hannity, however, the home’s main selling point is probably its proximity to Mr Trump.

The Fox News host is a close friend of the former president. During Mr Trump’s presidency, the two men reportedly spoke on the phone every night, and Mr Hannity has made numerous visits to Mar-a-Lago.

On his TV show, Mr Hannity has persistently defended Mr Trump, attacked his opponents, and invited him on for soft-ball interviews. In 2018, the host personally spoke at a Trump rally in Missouri ahead of the midterm elections – something that even Fox News said was inappropriate.

On Monday night, Mr Hannity interviewed the former president once again, starting with a fawning question about his new life at Mar-a-Lago.

“You were working as hard as you did when you were in the White House, except you play a little golf more, that you’re keeping an insane schedule, seven days a week. You really don’t stop,” the pundit said.

“Well, we’re seeing a lot of people,” Mr Trump responded.

If the new townhouse is any indication, Mr Hannity intends to be one of those people.

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