'Scum': Woman unleashes after being caught smoking on plane

An unruly passenger was detained after smoking in her business class seat on-board a plane before attacking a policeman.

VIP travel agent Irina Tammiruusu, 52, was allegedly handcuffed in a wheelchair "to prevent further aggression" after arriving in Moscow on a tourist flight from Bodrum in Turkey.

A video shows her in the Aeroflot business class cabin smoking and flicking ash on the floor.

Flight crew claimed she had been abusive and foul-mouthed on the flight.

Two stills of a woman holding and smoking a cigarette while sitting on a plane.
A woman was caught on video smoking on a passenger plane. Source: East2West/Australscope

Police were called and the woman, who was recovering from a broken leg, was put in a wheelchair after allegedly being taken off the flight.

But in footage released by police she appeared to repeatedly demanded the name of the “dangerous” arresting officer.

“Give me your name, scum,” she said.

“Give me your name skunk….”

She lunged at the policeman despite a warning to the woman, who admitted to drinking Languedoc wine on the flight, that “you better not fight”.

Footage shows how she brawled with the cop before she was told: “Woman, you used physical force against a police officer.

“So you don’t harm yourself, I'm handcuffing you…

“I worry you can harm yourself and other people."

Passenger responds to 'inappropriate' behaviour allegations

A criminal case had been opened and she faced a possible jail term for “hooliganism”.

The woman later claimed she smoked to ease the pain from her leg injury.

“I don’t remember a thing,” she said.

“I woke up in a police station, handcuffed in a wheelchair.

“I was told: 'If you open your mouth again...

“You will wake up tomorrow in a lunatic asylum and won’t know your own name.”

Irina Tammiruusu is pictured. She was captured on video smoking during a flight from Russia to Turkey.
A criminal investigation has been launched into the incident allegedly involving Irina Tammiruusu (pictured). Source: East2West/Australscope

She claimed the flight crew had spiked her wine.

Russian transport police spokesperson Elena Babanova said the plane’s crew claimed the passenger had “screamed loudly during the flight... did not react to comments to behave, and then lit a cigarette”.

"The woman then began to behave inappropriately, shouting loudly, waving her arms and using obscene language at the police," she said.

The woman did not heed warnings to stop attacking the policeman.

“She was handcuffed and handed over to doctors," Ms Babanova said.

– Australscope

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