Sculptures made from litter left behind on beaches

Rubbish collected from beaches has been made into sculptures for an exhibition.

The pieces, transformed from rubbish found on the Lincolnshire coast, can be seen at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve in Skegness.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust commissioned their artist in residence to make the models.

The trust is hoping the art installations will make people think before leaving litter behind on the beach.

Earlier this month, a seal died after a plastic ring beach toy became stuck around its neck.

Another seal was found with nylon fishing line around its neck at Donna Nook air weapons range.

Some 75% of litter abandoned on beaches is plastic, according to the Marine Conservation Trust.

man picking litter from the beach
A survey for Keep Britain Tidy found 1 in 5 people admitted to leaving litter on the beach [BBC]

Plastic kills fish and sea animals and takes hundreds of years to break down.

Matthew Capper from the trust said: “It's very easy to ask people to do something and you know, to change the way they behave.

"But sometimes it takes something a little bit different, a little bit more challenging to get you to just really take that message on board.”

“We've been collecting rubbish from the beach for the past few months. We've got an artist in residence, they've been making various sculptures and pieces from all of that litter.

The sculptures "challenge people to think about litter a little bit differently and think about how they use our beaches and use them responsibly”, he added.

The exhibition is on display until 14 April.

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