Meal mis-snake: Scrub python suffocates during dinner

A six-metre scrub python has literally had its last supper, after its failed attempt to devour a wallaby ended in the reptile dying mid-meal.

Retiree Russell Boserio stumbled on the shocking ‘mis-snake’ in his backyard in Cairns, according to News Corp.

It’s believed the reptile choked to death while eating its prey, making for the unusual discovery.

The snake seemingly attempted to devour the wallaby whole. Source: News Corp
Typically scrub pythons eat birds, other reptiles and frogs. Source: News Corp

The male wallaby can be seen lodged in the large jaw of the huge reptile.

The smell of the decaying remains led to Mr Boserio making the grim discovery.

“I found a large scrub python that had a full-grown wallaby half way down its body, with the wallaby still sticking out of its mouth, up to the hip area,” he told News Corp.

“It looked like the python must have choked to death on the wallaby.”

The moment dinner literally kills you. Source: News Corp

Scrub pythons are the nation’s largest snakes and have been recorded at growing up to 8.5m in length.

Mr Boserio contacted Cairns City Council who eventually buried the smelly remains which has begun to decompose due to the recent heat.

“I've since seen a female wallaby and a young one in the same area, so it may have been the father that was taken,” he told News Corp.

Typically scrub pythons eat birds, other reptiles and frogs.