'He was screaming hysterically': Toddler bitten by snake while playing in backyard

A toddler has been rushed to hospital after being bitten by a snake in the backyard of his home.

Two-year-old Huxon Healy was playing in the backyard in Sunbury, northwest of Melbourne, when he received a snake bite to the leg.

Paramedics said his mum, who was nearby, heard him “screaming hysterically” and immediately called for an ambulance.

The family were not certain what type of snake bit Huxon, but it could have been a brown snake or tiger snake.

Huxon Healy is carried by a paramedic into an ambulance after being bitten by a snake in his Sunbury backyard. Source: 7 News

The little boy was taken to Sunshine Hospital, where doctors are closely monitoring him.

Huxon’s stepfather Corey Thomas said the two-year-old was “unsettled” but in a stable condition.

“He’s normally pretty calm so it was a bit out of the ordinary,” he said.

“You think the worst, but you’ve got to act accordingly.

“Hopefully he’s alright and back home playing soon.”

The boy was bitten on the leg and taken immediately to hospital, where he is in a stable condition. Source: 7 News

It has been a busy time for paramedics in Victoria after four people were bitten by snakes across the state on Sunday.

With the weather warming up, authorities are warning people to be careful when spending time in gardens and bushland.