The accents single men and women find sexiest in the world

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If you’re a fan of an accent that makes you go weak at the knees then you’ll love this list of the top sexiest accents in the world. surveyed 2,500 single men and women to find out which accent left them blushing on a date - and the results might surprise you.

Woman whispering in a man's ear
The Scottish and Spanish accents are the sexiest in the world, according to a new survey. Photo: Getty Images

It turns out there are some pretty clear winners, with a whopping 86% of women saying they’re charmed by the Scottish accent and 88% of men agreeing that the Spanish accent leaves them swooning.

While the Scottish accent may be on top for the women, it barely scrapes into the top 10 for accents men with 29% calling it sexy.


For women, the Spanish accent is still endearing, with 56% saying they love it.

Australia made it onto the top ten list with 35% of women surveyed giving it a tick of approval, while 72% of men can’t get enough of our dulcet tones, making it the third most favoured accent amongst men.

Take a look at the results below:

Rugged Scottish fisherman with his arms folded
The women were big fans of the Scottish accent. Photo: Getty Images


  • Scottish 86%

  • Irish 77%

  • Italian 68%

  • French 61%

  • Spanish 56%

  • Brazilian Portuguese 48%

  • Queen's English 47%

  • Australian 35%

  • South African 29%

  • Mexican 23%

Smiling woman trying to keep balance while walking on one leg at the fountain
Men favour the Spanish and Portuguese tones. Photo: Getty Images


  • Spanish 88%

  • Brazilian Portuguese 76%

  • Australian 72%

  • French 69%

  • American 62%

  • Kiwi 54%

  • Czech 47%

  • Italian 43%

  • Mexican 31%

  • Scottish 29%

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