Scottish security guard teaches drunk Maccas customer a lesson in manners

Ben Brennan

Don’t get smart with a Glasgow security guard.

This encounter in a Scottish MacDonalds starts innocuously enough – a young lady who has had a bit too much to drink gets into a disagreement with a security guard.

The young woman ignored the guards requests to leave the restuarant. Photo: Screenshot

The discussion began, according to the ‘’Daily Record’’ when the young blonde woman began standing on the counter. So nothing unusual there either, in this day and age.

As the footage which has garnered hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook shows, security staff asked the woman to leave but to no avail.

It was reportedly the guards first night on duty and it appears she has a knack for this kind of work.

Diplomacy fails. Swear words are delivered and soon both guard and Glaswegian party-goer go crashing to the ground.

The female guard explains the situation after the woman resists their attempts to remove her. Photo: Screenshot

The security guard then delivers what can only be described as a jolly good talking to the felled drinker.

“How dare you do that to a security guard,” she thunders after a brief scuffle.

“You get you’re a*** out of this place now before I phone the police,” she continues, rather charitably.

Defeated, the young lady declines to follow her instructions and opts instead to remain in the fetal position for a bit.