'I've lost everything': Fiancé of man shot responding to Facebook ad for puppy breaks her silence

The fiancé of a Florida father who was murdered in front of their children has broken her silence after he was shot while trying to buy a puppy through a Facebook advertisement.

Scott Bowman, 39, responded to a man on Facebook, who claimed he was looking for a new home for his dog last Wednesday, according to CBS.

But when the man replied to Bowman he insisted on meeting at the family’s house.

It’s alleged the man refused to leave and after a heated discussion he pulled a gun and killed the father of two in front of his children and fiancé Chelsea Bowman.

Chelsea and Bowman (left) were engaged. Source: Facebook

“I’ve lost everything,” Chelsea said.

“Scott was not winning this fight at all, for him to pull a gun and be shot and killed.”

Bowman and his fiancé had previously been married, but had divorced and were planning on getting remarried.

She said her fiancé was able to turn the gun on the man and fired a shot into his arm but it’s alleged the gunman then fired at Bowman’s chest killing him.

Chelsea said the incident unfolded in front of her children.

The pair had previously been married (left) and (right) the ad Bowman reportedly responded to. Source: Facebook

“Kinley was going: ‘You shot my dad! You shot my dad!’” she said.

“And I said: ‘Run! Got get help!’”

The man reportedly stayed on scene until police arrived.

Chelsea, her two children and the alleged gunman were then taken to a police station for questioning.

The alleged shooter is yet to be charged. Source: KRON-4 via CNN

It’s there Chelsea alleged she could hear the man banging on the walls “like a maniac” and cursing.

“At one point they had to switch us, switch the kids from one room, switch me so we wouldn’t hear this maniac,” she said.

Investigations are ongoing and police are yet to charge the man.