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Scotland's papers: Remembrance appeal and minister pays iPad bill

The Times (Scotland)
The Times leads with the weekend's Remembrance commemorations and pro-Palestinian rallies. It says the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, called for respect and peace from everyone taking part in the protests. And it features a new portrait photograph of the King, to mark his 75th birthday this Tuesday.
The Daily Telegraph
Scottish Daily Mail
The Scottish Daily Mail goes with that story. It says Mr Matheson was "shamed" into paying back the money. It says the cabinet secretary was forced into a U-turn hours after the first minister gave him his backing.
The Herald
The Herald has an exclusive story about a Scottish study which has found food labels which extol the health benefits of their contents may be fooling people and causing them to gain weight. There is a photo of former Royal Navy signalman Albert Lomond. The 98-year-old is a D-Day veteran.
The Scotsman
The Scotsman runs the same picture but has an exclusive story about the reduction in congregations which it says could lead to the closure of 700 churches in Scotland.
Scottish Daily Express
The Express quotes the prime minister talking about the values of Remembrance in Britain and it pictures him at a memorial.
i weekend
The i concentrates on the political battle behind this weekend's protests and commemorations. It says the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, is facing the sack over her article for The Times and it says the prime minister is preparing a cabinet reshuffle.
Daily Record
The Daily Record has a photo from the current Nationwide advertising campaign. That's illustrating a story about a couple who were locked out of their accounts at the bank and allegedly told to "go to a food bank" to feed their family.
The Scottish Sun
The Sun tells us Noel Gallagher's divorce is set to cost him £28m in cash and property.
Edinburgh Evening News
Edinburgh's Evening News is concerned with graffiti in the city and wants it cleaned up. It also has an interview with local boy Irvine Welsh.
The Courier
The Courier reports on the sudden death of Liz McColgan's husband John Nuttall. It quotes the runner paying tribute to her late husband and speaks of her family's "huge loss".
Weekend Telegraph
The Telegraph has a local alleged sex assault story involving a teacher.
Glasgow Times
And the Glasgow Times has some happy looking children apparently celebrating the go-ahead for a nursery in the city.
Daily Star
The Star is celebrating the return of checkout staff at a supermarket chain in England. It describes the news as"1-0 to the humans".