Scooter riders confronted by angry Bali beachgoers after taking to the sand

Scooter riders caused dramatic scenes as they tore along the shoreline at a busy beach in Bali.

Video uploaded to the Bali Bogans Facebook page shows one weaving through beachgoers on the sand while another cruises further down the shore.

The riders, believed to be tourists, appear to anger several beachgoers with their move onto the beach.

A man chases one of the riders, pushing him off balance and sending him into deep water.

The man who pushed the rider then runs into the ocean after him and continues to push and wrestle him.

A man wrestled one of the scooter riders into the water. Source: Facebook/Best of Bali

“Check these clowns out,” the caption on the video said.

“Yay to the locals who sorted them out.”

The scooter riders were slammed for not having respect and causing chaos on the popular beach.

“There are so many d***heads that think they are Evil Knievel in Bali,” one said.

The scooter riders tore along a popular beach in Bali. Source: Facebook/Best of Bali

Smart Traveller warns of the dangers of tourists riding scooters and motorcycles in Bali.

“A number of foreigners, including Australians, have been killed or seriously injured in motorcycle accidents in tourist areas, particularly in Bali,” the Smart Traveller website says.

“In the event of an accident, it will often be assumed you are at fault and you will be expected to make financial restitution to all other parties.”