Scooter rider brutally knocked off bike after stopping suddenly divides opinion

Dashcam vision of a scooter rider being knocked off their bike has sparked debate online over who was in the wrong.

The vision posted in the Dashcam Owners Australia Facebook page shows a rider about to turn left at an intersection, when she was hit from behind by a car and thrown forward onto the road.

“I was knocked off my bike by someone who wasn't paying attention,” the scooter rider, known as Sarah, wrote.

As the driver of the car gets out to speak with the scooter driver, the car starts to roll forward and he jumps back in to put on the brake.

“He then failed to stop his car properly when he got out!” Sarah added.

The scooter rider said that while she wasn’t injured, her bike didn’t escape the hit and “was eventually written-off”.

Vision of the incident has been attracting comments from social media users who can’t decided who was to blame.

“The scooter shouldn’t have stopped,” one person responded.

“The car should have left more room to stop,” another person disagreed.

Dashcam vision caught the incident which has left social media divided over who was at fault. Source: Facebook
Dashcam vision caught the incident which has left social media divided over who was at fault. Source: Facebook

Debate also raged over whether the bike rider was giving way or came to a complete stop.

“It doesn’t matter whether the rider needed to stop or slow down. The fact is she should be able to do so without some one running over her from behind because they were not observing road rules about following distance,” a person responded.

Another said bike riders are more vulnerable on the road and therefore the scooter rider was right to be cautious.

“When it comes to riding a bike you come off second best to a car, so it’s better to be safe and look as this rider did,” they said.

One man however claimed if the scooter rider looked to the right earlier there would not have been a need to stop.

“I’m a bike rider and that is like stopping at a green light,” the man said.

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