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Scoot plane landing delayed after passengers refuse to fasten seat belts: report

A Scoot aircraft approaching Changi International Airport in Singapore.
A Scoot aircraft approaching Changi International Airport in Singapore. (PHOTO: Roslan Rahman/AFP via Getty Images) (ROSLAN RAHMAN via Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — A Scoot passenger plane flying into Singapore from Bali had its landing delayed on Monday (14 November) because a group of passengers refused to fasten their seatbelts during the aircraft's descent.

CNA reported the budget airline saying in a media statement on Tuesday that the captain of flight TR285 had discontinued his first approach into Singapore for safety reasons.

"The flight landed safely on the second approach at Changi Airport without further incident, and the involved passengers were escorted off the aircraft by airport authorities for further investigation," Scoot added.

Disembarkation was delayed for about 30 minutes. Investigations are still ongoing, and Scoot said in its statement that the public should "refrain from undue speculations".

Tiktok video captures pilot explaining situation to passengers

The incident was captured in a TikTok video, where the voice of a man, presumably the pilot of the Scoot flight, is heard telling passengers that he is legally not able to land an aircraft if the cabin is not secured.

The male voice continued, "We are now turning around again for another approach, and if we have to do another missed approach for the same reason, the airport police will be involved and they will take the necessary action."

The video later shows auxiliary police boarding the plane after it landed to escort several passengers out.

"The well-being of our customers and staff is our priority and we do not condone behaviour that compromises flight safety," Scoot said in its statement.

"Scoot sincerely apologises for the disruptions and inconveniences to our customers."

The airline added that it will take "appropriate actions against any passenger who may risk the safety of our customers and staff".

This is the second incident in a week where unruly passengers have disrupted flights into Singapore. On Monday, Singapore Airlines blacklisted a passenger who was unruly in two separate flights, despite being given a verbal warning upon landing at Changi Airport.

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