What Is A Scooped Bagel, Anyway?

Scooped bagel sandwich with guac
Scooped bagel sandwich with guac - Monticello Bagel Bakery / Facebook

If you live in New York, you've probably heard about bagel scooping, and you may even have some pretty strong opinions about it. The concept is simple: You scoop out the dough around the inside middle of the bagel. People can use a spoon, fork, or even fingers to do the scooping. Others do it so it holds whatever cream cheese, salmon, or other toppings you want to put on your bagel. But as it began to gain in popularity in the past decade, it also became more controversial.

A 2016 New York Post article titled "Bagel scoopers are ruining NYC" pretty much sums up the disdain people had for this new phenomenon. "It was the moment I realized my ex was a monster," one interviewee said about a guy she broke up with upon seeing him do it. "Even watching someone eating [a scooped-out bagel] is completely repulsive."

Seven years later the topic is no longer front-page news, but occasionally lurks its head back up to make a scene. Bagel shops are much more accustomed to scooping out bagels, but there are still plenty of people who put themselves firmly on one side or the other.

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Even Today, There Are Strong Bagel Opinions

Egg and turkey scooped bagel
Egg and turkey scooped bagel - Bagel King of Bridgeport / Instagram

The scooped bagel technique has stood the test of time, and it's now much more common to see sandwiches made with scooped bagels since it holds the toppings so well. But that doesn't mean everyone has accepted it. Strong opinions on bagel scooping erupted again recently, with popular New York City bagel shop Popup Bagels weighing into the debate. After posting an Instagram photo with the caption "In Response to Bagelgate 2023 would we scoop the bagel on request? We don't even slice so therefore..." the restaurant then makes it clear in the comments that even though they can't scoop bagels, people can do what they want with their bagels after they leave.

A recent Reddit post asking "How offended are you by scooped bagels?" was met with negative opinions by some, but also with interest by others, showing a growing acceptance of the idea. "Interesting concept! I'd try it," wrote one person. "Honestly a bagel FILLED with cream cheese and the [lox] chilling on top sounds fire," remarked another. While some people still clearly feel bagels can only be eaten a precise way, there's a rising majority that doesn't care if you scoop your bagel, as long as you leave theirs alone.

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