Schools act after student allegedly bashed

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"Incredibly sad" footage showing a teenage girl being repeatedly punched while students watch on raises questions about bullying for the wider community, Queensland's deputy premier says.

The state's education department has confirmed it's aware of "an alleged violent incident" which took place outside school hours on Monday near the Garden City Shopping Centre, south of Brisbane.

"Bullying is not acceptable inside or outside the school gate and the students involved in the incident are being dealt with in line with the schools' student code of conduct," the department said in a statement.

"Counselling and guidance support is also being provided to students affected by the incident."

Asked about the video on Wednesday, Mr Miles said no 13-year-old should be subjected to the violence shown in the footage.

"I'm assured that while the other people in that footage go to different schools, each of those schools is working through their respective disciplinary policies, and that discipline will be applied," he said.

"Our schools do a lot of work to try to stamp out bullying, but our schools can't fix everything, this didn't happen at school, it happened at a shopping centre."

While schools had a role to play in addressing bullying, Mr Miles said the influence of families and wider society was also important.

He said the incident should trigger a conversation about how a 13-year-old child could come to experience "this kind of violence".

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