School demolition crews unearth 124-year-old time capsule

Construction crews tearing down a former school have found a 124-year-old time capsule.

The capsule was found under one of the front steps of the former Swampscott Middle School in Massachusetts, USA, according to local news outlet The Daily Item.

The capsule is dated April 28, 1894, the day the school was dedicated. It contains two newspapers, remnants of military uniforms from the Civil War, a war medal and names of locals who served in the war.

The capsule was discovered when a member of the demolition crew noticed something odd, as they removed the granite slabs of the stairway.

A 124-year-old time capsule has been found under the front step of an American school that was being demolished. Source: The Daily Item

It turned out that one of the steps had been hollowed out and cemented over. When the workman chipped away at the step, he found a sealed copper box containing the historical treasures.

Planning Board Chairwoman Angela Ippolito said they were aware the time capsule existed but weren’t sure where it was located. She said the discovery was “quite a thrill.”

The items were tightly rolled and packed into the capsule, which was about the size of a shoe box.

Ms Ippolito said that a second time capsule is understood to have been buried after a major 1936 renovation. It is believed to be located underneath a flag pole, but has not been located as the flag pole has been moved a few times.

The items are now heading to the Northeast Document Conservation Center for assessment. Ms Ippolito said they hope to put the items on display at Town Hall.